Escape rooms anchoring in Southwest Florida

Posted at 11:24 AM, Apr 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-04 06:48:37-04
A new form of entertainment is popping up across the country and Southwest Florida isn't falling behind the trend. Escape rooms are gaining popularity as players willingly get trapped in a room. In order to get out, they have to solve a series of puzzles within a certain time frame. 
Escape Room Adventures opened its doors in Fort Myers in January. Players have a couple of rooms to choose from.  There's Area 52, an alien themed room. Brandon's Room, is a decorated adventure room decorated like a 12 year old's bedroom in the 80's.
While each room has a specific theme, different elements, and separate missions to complete, teams can have a little as 2 players and as many as six in each room. Teams have to complete the challenge in 60 minutes using logic, reasoning, and lots of communication. 
"Communication is key," Tara Williams, a player in room Area 52 said. "It makes you think critically."
Some players describe the rooms like real life video games.
"You have to figure out the codes from around the room by solving some puzzles which will give you answers to open locks."
Each code you crack, reveals another clue, taking you to more puzzles with clues to complete the mission. 
"This really is a family friendly event. Anyone can do it," A spokesperson with Escape Room Adventures said. "We recommend players to be at least 12 years old to really get to enjoy it."
Everything needed to complete the mission in found in the room, but in case you get stuck there is a helper that can give you a couple hints. 
Cameras are set up throughout the room from different angles for safety and for staff to adequately assist the team. 
Whether or not teams escape the rooms by successfully completing their mission, everyone still gets to go home and take a picture to remember. 
While sometimes it's hard to beat the clock, even with a little assistance, some player say they're willing to give it another shot. 
"We did not complete the challenge, so I'm a little frustrated," Tara Williams said. "We want to try again, we're definitely coming back ."
Escape Room Adventures will be adding a third room in the summer. It's expected to be themed as a Pirate's ship.