Debris still sitting weeks after severe storm

Posted at 7:20 PM, Feb 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-11 19:23:19-05

CAPE CORAL, FL - George Williams' property survived the tornado that hit Cape Coral in January. But a storm days later brought winds that toppled trees and turned his yard into a mess.

Now, nearly a month later, he's still waiting for Waste Pro to take the debris away.

Williams tells Fox 4 he first thought the city was busy cleaning cleaning up debris from other homes. But as weeks went by, he realized that something wasn't right. That's when he reached out to Four In Your Corner.

Williams is disabled, so he paid a lawn service person to help him cut the debris and move it to the curb.

"I'm very much sad. I'm getting sick of looking at that. And the last thing I need is for the city of Cape Coral to issue me a citation," Williams said.

When Four In Your Corner's Tony Sadiku gave Waste Pro a call, they responded to William's home within an hour.

In an email statement, a spokesman tells Fox 4, "Yard waste collection from wind damage or trimming which is prepared, bagged or containerized will be collected."

Waste Pro drivers that pick up trash and debris are only authorized to pick up waste that is six feet long and bundled when it weighs more than 50 pounds, according to their website.

William's debris was not bundled and that's why Waste Pro says the pile wasn't picked up. But in light of William's disability, they made a special promise.

"If they pick it up like they said tomorrow, I'll be very happy," Williams said.

If you have noticed that Waste Pro hasn't been collecting your debris, you may want to be sure you are following the guidelines on their website >