Cape Tornado recovery continues

Posted at 11:43 PM, Apr 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-08 23:45:44-04
Nearly three months after a tornado struck Cape Coral, blue tarps still cover several homes that were damaged. Homeowners like Al and Christine Cassale can ony joke about how long it's taking to get the roofs fixed in their neighborhood.
"We've all been experiencing blue tarp syndrome shall we say," Christine Cassale said.
"It seems to be the insurance companies are low balling us," she said.
She and her husband hired a public adjuster to assess their home. They were told the house has about $90,000 in damage. That's nearly three time what their insurance company is offering.
"The insurance company is offering us $29,000 that's supposed to cover everything," she said.
Carolin Kissinger says her insurance company is offering her less than what the market is telling her it cost to fix it. 
"They offered me $400," Kissinger said. I know not too much happened to the roof, but none of the roofers out here will fix it for $400."
"They're just low ball offers and the insurance companies are just in for their money, not to help us out," Kissinger said.
"They still send you your premiums every month and you have to pay it. Every month they want that money but they're not giving up theirs."
Four In Your Corner went to local roofing companies to see if they're having trouble reaching a happy medium with their clients with some insurance companies may not be helping as much as affected need to make repairs. 
Denise Kidd with Affordable Roofing and Gutters says it's too soon for them to tell. 
"people are still reporting damage from those tornados. 
Kidd encourages homeowners to not take no for an answer and be persistent with insurance companies. She also suggests homeowners to take a look at total home restoration companies.