Air Berlin's bankruptcy is driving loved ones apart

Posted at 11:22 PM, Oct 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-11 07:32:13-04

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- After declaring bankruptcy, many Air Berlin flights were cancelled with the last flight leaving Southwest Florida to be on Saturday. Some customers won't be getting refunded for their flights and it's driving a wedge between loved ones.

"“I wanted to go see my dad… who I haven’t seen in years. He turned 80 in June," said Susanne Hirko, Air Berlin customer. "I lost my mom about a year ago and you know, every day is a gift. So I really wanted to go and see him.”

Air Berlin released a statement on their website detailing the specifics of refunds and booking new flights. It states that all flights booked before August 15th will not be refunded. 

Hirko bought her ticket to visit her father in Germany back in July. Now that her flight has been cancelled, she will not receive the $1,147 she used to pay for it.

“It will probably put me up by 6 months anyway to get that kind of money back together," she said.

Hirko says she's devastated, but remains hopeful that other airlines will be understanding of her financial situation. However, her main concern remains her father.

"Basically having the chance to see him… could be the last time I get to see him.”

Air Berlin is in talks about selling pieces of their company to Lufthansa and Easy Jet.