10 year old stranded at bus stop each day this school year.

Mother: School bus late every day this year.
Posted at 9:42 PM, Aug 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-25 08:58:22-04

FORT MYERS - A Fort Myers mother turning to Four in your Corner to help her 10 year old daughter, Cali.

She says this school year Cali's bus has been late every single day and her daughter is sometimes forced to wait alone at the bus stop for over an hour.

Amber Loebe has been doing backflips trying to get the Lee County School District to help Cali.

She tells us, "We're not getting any answers, we're calling Lee Transportation and they're saying, 'let me locate the bus driver'."

Amber says Cali has been stranded at her bus stop in South Fort Myers each morning since school began earlier this month.

When that happens the school district does send out text alerts telling Amber that Cali's bus, number 1070, will be late.

Amber reads the text aloud saying, "Bus 1070 is running about 20 minutes late, sorry for any inconvenience."

Amber says Cali's often the only student at this stop who takes bus 1070 to Three Oaks Elementary school.

The latest text Amber received came 15 minutes after the bus was supposed to be there.  It says the bus will arrive in another 25 minutes.

Amber says it could actually be another hour before the bus arrives.  "It's very scary, we're in an isolated area on a corner lot outside of a gated community."

When Cali and other students get to school late they rush to class and often don't have time to eat.  "I don't want to miss any more of my school work so I just go straight to class."

Amber says students, "Don't have time to eat by the time they get there, they're already running 20 to 30 minutes late."

The whole bus issue is not only stressing this family out but Cali's parents worry about her safety.  Especially when she's sometimes left all alone for more than an hour waiting for her bus to arrive.

"Maybe they should replace the bus driver because they already gave her a lot of chances to come on time but she's not," says Cali.

Amber agrees and tells Four in your Corner, "I'm hoping that you can give me some answers on where to go from this point on."

We gave detailed information about this problem to a Lee County School District official.

She told us she'll track down information about what happened and get back with us.