2 Golden Gate men attacked by German Shepherd

Posted at 6:44 PM, Nov 20, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-20 18:44:58-05

A German shepherd attacked two men in Golden Gate Thursday night, sending one to the hospital. It happened in the 4300 block of 17th Avenue Southwest. 

Hector Roldan told Fox 4 that he and his friend Joseph Coster were working on Roldan's house when Coster was suddenly attacked by the dog, which bit him on the arm.

"I tried to help my friend," Roldan said. "The dog attacked me too."

Roldan was bit on the arm also. A neighbor who called 911 stayed on the phone until Collier County Sheriff's deputies arrived about 5 minutes after the attack began.

"Both of them are bit on the arm," the caller told 911 dispatch. "They said the dog was trying to bite them on the neck."

Roldan said that he tried to keep the dog away from his son, who was also outside, spending a few stressful minutes trying to fend off the attack. Finally, the German shepherd ran off eastbound down 17th Avenue SW.

"I tried to follow the dog, because I want to know, who's the owner," Roldan said. "But we lost (the dog) on the corner."

When an ambulance arrived, EMTs recommended Coster be treated at a hospital, and was transported to Physicians Regional Medical Center. Roldan refused treatment.

Collier County Domestic Animal Services spokesman Daniel Christenbury told Fox 4 that animal control officers have been patrolling the area looking for the German shepherd. 

"Keep your dog on a leash," Christenbury said. "Don't let your animal run at large. This is a prime example of how that situation can end in a situation like this, with people getting hurt."

An incident report from the Sheriff's Office showed that two known German shepherds in the area were accounted for by deputies, but that a third was believed to be roaming the neighborhood.

"That dog doesn't come from Golden Gate Estates," said Coster's wife Sonise. "That dog doesn't come from Naples. It's around here."

Roldan said that while his wounds will heal, the next person might not be as lucky.

"They need to find this dog," he said. "This dog is very dangerous for the kids."

Anyone who sees a dog roaming loose should call Collier County Domestic Animal Services at 239-252-7387.