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These top-selling magnetic tiles are 20% off right now

These top-selling magnetic tiles are 20% off right now
Posted at 11:15 AM, Aug 01, 2022

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There are many cool building kits and sets out there for kids. But there’s something extra fun about magnetic building tiles. Maybe it’s the way they snap together like magic or balance in all sorts of shapes. Whatever it is, kids seem to love them, including mine.

When I was researching magnetic tiles for our toddler a few years ago, I came across reviews that said the less expensive PicassoTiles were just as good as the popular Magna-Tiles brand.


And after several years of use, I agree with that review. Our PicassoTiles are still in regular rotation with both of my children. They’re colorful, fun and easy to use for building.

You can buy extra sets and add-on accessories to expand your building capabilities. And a bonus of these magnetic tiles is that they easier to clean up compared to Legos or wooden blocks since they stick together as you stack and put them away.

Clearly, I’m not the only one who’s a fan of PicassoTiles since the 100-piece set has more than 28,700 ratings on Amazon, with an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars. And the 100-piece PicassoTiles set is currently on sale for 20%, making a $47.99 set now $38.39 pre-tax.

“This magnet set is brilliant,” wrote Amazon reviewer Whitney Hansen. “All the panels are exactly the right size to fit together. The magnets are housed in such a way that you don’t have to figure out which way to point a piece for it to stick. The colors are bright. The pieces are sturdy and able to be built at least 5 pieces tall on edge. It’s a great toy all around.”


Teacher reviewer Cinncinatus said the magnetic tiles are educational as well as fun.

“I can demonstrate cross to cube, triangle to pyramid, and other Euclidean to fractal modalities,” the reviewer wrote. “It’s very easy to introduce these concepts to children so they can go from the one-dimensional consciousness of most people to seeing how things blend together and how simple systems give rise to complex results. Also of note, you can put together the primary colors in a pyramid and show children how these blend by turning them in the light! ”

PicassoTiles are solid plastic tiles of different shapes, sizes and colors with magnets inside. Unlike Magformers, which have holes in the middle of each piece, you can put things inside the PicassoTile cubes and pyramids that you build. For example, the other day my son presented me with a “candle” he said I had to be careful to not knock over since the top pyramid “flame” held several trinkets inside.

If you have other brands of magnetic tiles, PicassoTiles will work fine with them too, allowing for even larger building projects. You’ll want to pick this set up while it’s discounted!

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