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Unique shop is a trip through time, in fashion

Clothing, accessories from as far back as 1880's
Posted at 7:29 AM, Dec 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-08 07:29:10-05

A lot of stores can offer you a maze of clothing. But how many can also take you back in time?

More than a hundred years of fashion are packed into The Curiosity Shop on Suwannee Ave in Ft Myers. 

"We offer clothing, jewelry and accessories from the 1880's through the 1970's," store co-owner, James Workman says.

It's a vintage shop for both men and women, that also feels a little like a museum.

"You're able to step into a fashionable time machine and go back," Workman says.

All December, we're taking you to unique stores like The Curiosity Shop, for ideas on giving the Perfect Present. As we did with the 8-Bit Hall of Fame, we're asking the same four questions at each stop.

1. Give us something popular, that everyone will like.

"(We have) the type of dresses most of our young ladies are looking for. They're looking for something that is totally different than what they would find at the mall."

Specifically, Workman points to one-of-a-kind dresses from the 1950's that go for as low as $30.

2. Give us something unique

"We have a 1906 RCA Victor Victrola," Workman says.

What makes it so unique is it's incredible condition and the fact it comes in it's original casing. It's not cheap, it goes for $500.

"This item, when purchased, 100% of all proceeds of the purchase will go to Hope Hospice," Workman says.

3. Give us an idea for something less than $25

"We have a 1930's evening bag with matching gloves," Workman says.

It's a one-of-a-kind gift, and yes, Workman says you can fit a cell phone in the bag.

"(It's) very relevant for today," he says. "This would be perfect just for an elegant evening out."

4. Give us an idea for something lavish

"We have a beautiful, 1880's sterling true shell cameo," Workman says.

He's selling it for $475.

"This is one of the largest cameos I have ever had. And it's styled in the Romanesque style."

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