Taking the best pictures of your pet on All American Pet Photo Day

Posted at 9:29 AM, Jul 11, 2017
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Chances are, your furry friend gets just as much camera time as any other member of the family. For All American Pet Photo Day on July 11th, we went to a local expert for some tricks to get that perfect picture of man's best friend.

Professional photographer, Lisa Marie of Moments Captured, in North Fort Myers, snaps photos of everyone and everything, including animals. She says the key to shooting a good photo of your pet is getting comfortable with the animal. She says, “Let them be in a safe environment. And cookies obviously help."

Other tips include using toys with some kind of sound. Lisa Marie says, “Toys would help. Noises. Different noises they usually don't listen to that would get their attention, or their ears perking. Believe it or not, animals smile.”

While horsing around is effective for taking a good picture, so is the right lighting. Lisa Marie suggests, “You want to do outside pictures if you can. If not, near windows inside the house. Natural lighting is the best."

Bottom line, is to think of patience, treats and distractions as tricks of the trade for photographing your four legged loved ones. Lisa Marie adds, "Just like kids. Kids don't usually like hats to wear. But the parents want them in the picture. So, you got to distract them.”

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