Spending National Relaxation Day at Salt Cave

Naples business offers unique experience
Posted at 7:40 AM, Aug 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-15 07:53:54-04

The moment you walk into Salt Cave in Naples, the focus is on relaxation and healing. 

The music, the darkness, the walls and floors, and even the air are meant to completely take you away.

"Nothing happening, nothing moving," is how owner Andrea Geresdi explains the atmosphere.  "It's just stillness, really."

It's a place to forget the constant stimulation of the outside world, Geresdi says. Inside the salt room, there are more than 20 tons of Himalayan salt. Geresdi believes the healing nature of the salt, or Halotherapy, can help people with everything from allergies to skin disorders to infections. In fact, there's a generator that grinds salt into powder, so it can be mixed in the air in the room. 

"So that's going into the lungs," Geresdi says. "And when you inhale something, it reaches the whole body within a matter of seconds."

Some people practice yoga in the salt room, others just sit. Geresdi says if you spend 45 minutes there, time will disappear.

"You start to lose your physical senses about what really is happening around you," she says.  "You much more get attuned to the internal and the subtle energetics. And your mind doesn't care about physical."

There are other services at the Salt Cave, as well. Geresdi has rooms for an infrared sauna and crystal bed therapy.