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Little Rock Nine member speaks at FGCU

Posted at 9:41 PM, Feb 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-24 22:39:49-05

FORT MYERS, FLA — It's amazing to think about how much the world can change in 60 years.

For example, let's take a trip back to 1957, when a gallon of gas was a whopping 24 cents.

And Elvis's "Jailhouse Rock" was topping the charts.

1957 was also the year, when a brave group of nine kids, put their lives on the line to desegregate Central High School in Arkansas.

At just 14-years-old, Carlotta LaNier was the youngest of the bunch, famously dubbed the "Little Rock Nine."

"I went to that school purposefully. I passed it everyday and it was one of the top 40 high schools in the country, in my neighborhood. Now, why wouldn't I want to go to the best that's available," said LaNier.

Lanier was in Southwest Florida to give a presentation at FGCU.

She tells Fox 4, she really hopes that younger generations appreciate the diversity around them in schools.

"They are sitting in a classroom with other kids that don't look like them, that it didn't just happen. That a lot of things had to take place prior for that to be available to them," said LaNier.

And she adds that it is up to those same young people to continue the work she started all those years ago, on a sunny September day.

"I would like for these kids to understand that they don't want to go back to that sort of thing. And unfortunately I see plenty signs of that and that is because people are being complacent," said LaNier.