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Grocery bill higher than usual? Here's how you can save big the next time you're at the supermarket

Brian Vines joins Scripps News to discuss ways the average American can avoid spending more on groceries amid rising food costs.
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Posted at 8:48 PM, Jul 09, 2024

Inflation has impacted almost every part of the everyday American's life — and certainly our spending. But there are a few places where it's more noticeable than others, and that's especially true at the grocery store.

If it feels like your grocery bill has gone up, you're not alone. Food inflation is up 26.3% since 2019, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data. And when the average American family has someone visiting the supermarket more than 1 1/2 times per week, per Statistica data, that can add up.

Naturally, that means consumers are on the lookout for better deals and savings these days, and Brian Vines, the deputy editor of special projects at Consumer Reports, recently wrote how to find them. He joined Scripps News to share his best tips, with one being to look out for private labels.

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Private-label products are those sold under the store's name but are likely similar to, and are placed right next to, that of a national brand. And although the national brand's product might be more familiar due to increased advertising or brand-recognition, Vines said the private-label product can save shoppers some 25% for the same if not better quality.

Plus, private-label products can sometimes offer money-back guarantees that you won't find from some national name brands, Vines said. That ensures you won't waste a dollar on something you don't like.

Another saving tip that Vines said "we should all be doing by now" is using our phones at the supermarket to check for digital coupons, compare prices at other stores and become a member of loyalty programs.

Check out the video above to see Vines' full interview featuring other grocery shopping hacks.