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'Virtual dad' has become the father figure millions need

Rob Kenney's YouTube channel shares tips and tricks that dads often teach their children.
Posted at 1:13 PM, Jun 14, 2024

Rob Kenney, the man behind the YouTube channel "Dad, how do I?" is making a difference in the lives of his 4 million "virtual children."

Kenney posts videos on his channel of himself doing things many dads show their children — from how to tie a tie to installing a bathroom faucet.

"I'm doing my best to provide useful content for people," Kenney told Scripps News. "You know, I don't want to run around just doing things that aren't useful."

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Every video starts with Kenney saying, "Hey kids." But it's not just the younger generation watching "Dad, how do I?" Kenney said he has "80-year-old kids" seeking his advice and wanting more dad jokes.

Growing up without his dad, Kenney said he wanted to use his experiences of "learning things the hard way" to make life easier for others. That doesn't just mean tasks, Kenney said. He also strives to teach his followers about the emotions one may go through without a father in their life.

"I try to share forgiveness and the importance of that, you know? If you're living in the past, it's just not beneficial," Kenney said. "And there was freedom for me on the other side of forgiveness that I didn't anticipate."