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‘Frasier’ fans can now watch the first trailer for series revival

‘Frasier’ fans can now watch the first trailer for series revival
Posted at 3:31 PM, Sep 15, 2023

Fans of “Frasier” have known for awhile now that they would be seeing the fussy but hilarious psychiatrist again onscreen, and they just got their first glimpse yesterday. The first trailer is out for the revival of the hit series “Frasier,” and it’s got everything you might expect in a whole new city.

Yes, that’s Kelsey Grammer back in action as the erstwhile psychiatrist and radio personality Frasier Crane. And while this new Frasier has a significant change in setting, it’s not an entirely unfamiliar one. As you can see in the trailer, Frasier has moved from his old digs in Seattle to Boston in an effort to reconnect with his son Freddy (Jack Cutmore-Scott, playing a grown-up version of the role Trevor Einhorn was known for in the original series). TV historians will remember that Boston is actually the first place audiences met Frasier Crane, as one of the barflies at the titular bar in “Cheers.”

You can watch the trailer here:


Frasier is joined this time by a new cast of characters that include Freddy’s girlfriend Eve (Jess Salgueiro) and Alan (Nicholas Lyndhurst), an old college crony. As for old friends (and frenemies), Bebe Neuwirth will make an appearance as Frasier’s ex-wife Lilith, and Peri Gilpin will return as radio producer Roz Doyle. Both are expected to be guest stars rather than series regulars.

Significantly, you won’t see David Hyde Pierce reprising his role as Frasier’s aggressively intellectual brother Niles. Also missed will be John Mahoney as Frasier’s father Martin Crane. The actor died in 2018 due to complications from throat cancer, but viewers can expect the relationship between Frasier and Freddy to echo the one that Frasier had with his own dad.

“There’s a lot of Martin in Freddy,” director James Burrows hinted to Entertainment Weekly.

The new series of “Frasier” will air on Paramount+, with the first episode set to drop Oct.12. Fans can get a behind the scenes look with a special presentation of “Frasier: Inside the Series,” which will be available for streaming Oct. 6 on Paramount+, airing the next day on CBS stations nationwide.

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