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Lingering flood has people questioning Ft Myers Beach storm drain fixes

"I think someone messed up," a resident told her Ft Myers Beach Community Correspondent Anvar Ruziev.
Posted at 8:16 AM, Jun 15, 2024

FORT MYERS BEACH, Fla. — More than 24 hours after the rain stopped, some streets on Fort Myers Beach remain flooded.

Recent improvements to the street storm drains across Fort Myers Beach were put to the test with the heavy rains this week.

Issues were particularly evident in front of Anita Turner's home on Mandalay Road. Anita, a long-time resident, expressed her frustration, noting that she had never seen water linger this long before.

Flooding on Mandalay Rd, street is submerged underwater.

"We built in '92 and we've never had it last this long and this is before they made all of the improvements. So I think someone messed up," said Anita Turner.

Town officials have stated that the storm drain project is actually ahead of schedule. On a number of side streets along Estero Blvd, we did observe that the water had receded. However, neighbors on some streets, such as Seminole Way, say they've seen no significant improvements despite being listed as priority areas in town documents.

Halfway flooded street with caution cone and man checking mailbox from lawn.

"Nothing's changed, we still get flooded, we still get 8-10 inches of water out there," said Eric Reuther, who's lived on the street for nearly 10 years. Reuther also had concerns about the upcoming hurricane season.

"We get another significant hurricane, that means this place is already flooded or saturated and it just floods that much quicker when a hurricane or storm moves in right?" Eric added.

We are still awaiting further details about the storm drain project from town officials.