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14th Avenue Fire now 80% contained, many spot fires still burning

Posted at 6:28 PM, May 25, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-26 23:14:37-04

GOLDEN GATE ESTATES — You could still see smoke and even fires in parts of Golden Gate Estates Tuesday night.

The Florida Forestry Service said the 14th Avenue Fire is now 80% contained, and crews are patrolling the area trying to keep it from spreading.

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One concern is that spot fires keep starting, because the Forestry Service tells us a lot of the ground is still hot and smoldering, and if the wind picks any of that material up, it can start another fire somewhere else.

Crews were trying to remove as much of that smoking debris as they could from the area Tuesday to stop the fire from spreading, and teams were stopping to put out any active fires they could find.

One of those was on Jim Carr’s front lawn.

"When I got home about an hour and a half ago it was smoking. So I started getting out the hoses again, and luckily we have like 500 feet of hose here. So I was just getting ready to start working on that and the Forestry pulled up," said Carr.

While Forestry crews tried to put out as many spots as they could find, Wildfire Mitigation Specialist Melinda Avni tells us, dry conditions and about 900 acres of smoldering ground are making it hard to contain.

“There’s a portion of that fire that we have not gotten a good blockage around to prevent it from growing further," said Avni.

Avni said, even areas crews have responded to might still be dangerous to the public.

“While it looks as if the fire has completely passed in some places, it’s not necessarily the case, and we do advise folks to be very cautious," said Avni.

So the Forestry Service will continue to patrol the area looking for flare-ups, and Carr tells us he now realizes that the fire isn’t over yet.

"It came out of nowhere, and it’s a scary feeling," said Carr.