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Spam Figgy Pudding Is Here For The Holidays

Spam Figgy Pudding Is Here For The Holidays
Posted at 10:10 AM, Nov 21, 2022

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Figgy pudding is a traditional British holiday dessert. But right now, it’s also a flavor of Spam. If you are a fan of Spam or have always wanted to try figgy pudding, it’s available at right now. However, if you want to try it, you should pick up a can soon, because this limited-edition figgy pudding will likely disappear from shelves (and online availability) fast.

Spam Figgy Pudding ($14.13 at

This savory, sweet canned meat is a pork product made with a blend of warm spices and seasonal ingredients. In this unique, limited-edition product, you’ll taste notes of Christmasy flavors like cinnamon, nutmeg, fig and orange.

Not sure how you would use Spam Figgy Pudding? If you visit the Spam website, you’ll find several recipes incorporating it, including Spam Figgy Pudding Holiday Skewers with dried figs and red onions plus a balsamic glaze, a Spam Figgy Pudding Holiday Charcuterie Board and Spiced Dutch Baby Pancake with Spam Figgy Pudding and Cranberry Butter.


“This new flavor brings the spirit of the holidays in one can! It honors the traditional recipe while making it easy and versatile to enjoy,” Steve Venenga, vice president of marketing for the Spam Brand, said in a press release. “SPAM Figgy Pudding represents how one dish creates new interpretations of traditions, each leaving their own mark, just as the Spam Brand has done since 1937.”

A two-pack of Spam Figgy Pudding was recently available on Amazon for $9.99, but looks like it’s sold out for now. However, you can still obtain it on for $14.13. If you’re hoping to try it, don’t hesitate. Spam Pumpkin Spice, the brand’s last seasonal variety, sold out in seven hours after its 2019 launch.

If you’d love to try figgy pudding flavors in a non-meat form, there are some other options available.

Walkers Shortbread Rich Holiday Fruit Pudding ($16.49)


Known for its buttery, authentic Scottish shortbread cookies, Walkers also makes a popular holiday pudding. While it might not exactly be “figgy” pudding, this decadent dessert is filled with sweet fruits like raisins and sultanas, as well as candied peel, mixed spices and syrup. The dish is steamed in the traditional manner, resulting in a moist Christmas pudding.

The brand recommends serving the pudding topped with cream, custard or ice cream or, for the grownups in the family, with warmed whiskey ladled over the pudding and then flamed.

Walkers Holiday Pudding, $16.49 for a 16-ounce package (you can get a discount if you Subscribe and Save), has 4.4 stars and more than 2,000 ratings. Customers who reviewed the dessert say it is rich, delicious and filling.

“Very moist and flavorful,” wrote one reviewer, sherba22. “Nice pieces of candied fruits. Dark molasses style. Closest I have been able to come to what my grandmother made.”

Figgy Pudding Green Tea ($13.45)


If you’d prefer to sip the flavors of figgy pudding, this holiday tea by Simpson & Vail might be ideal. With ingredients such as green tea, currants, orange peel, cinnamon, sweet blackberry leaf and raspberry, this loose-leaf tea blend provides the flavors and aroma of holidays in your grandmother’s kitchen.

The tea, $13.45 for a four-ounce tin, is blended in-house in small batches to ensure the freshest taste. It is certified kosher and does contain caffeine.

“This tea is delicious and has a lovely delicate flavor,” wrote reviewer JB, who gave the figgy pudding tea five stars.

Whether you enjoy it as Spam, dessert or a beverage, you might enjoy the flavors of this Christmas carol classic during the holiday season!

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