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Week of Oct. 17: Broadway takes the Masked Singer stage

Posted at 7:15 AM, Oct 17, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-17 07:15:41-04

HOLLYWOOD — From Broadway on "The Masked Singer" to "Monarch" with music nominations upping the drama and more, We have a look at what's coming up on Fox 4. Click here to see the listings grid for Fox 4 and our six over-the-air subchannels.

First, Monday on "9-1-1," Athena is on the case of two home invasions who make 9-1-1 calls within hours of each other.

Then on "The Cleaning Lady," Thony and Fiona open a new business, while Arman and Nadia try to take control over their drug-selling venture.

Tuesday starts with "The Resident" and Devon admitting a man who swears by an anti-aging regimen he thinks is the secret to eternal life.

That's followed by "Monarch" and the country music legacy awards nominations.

Wednesday, it's Andrew Lloyd Webber night on "The Masked Singer," while over on "Lego Masters," builders create treehouses of their childhood dreams in real trees.

Thursday, "Hell's Kitchen" contestants slip and slide into their next challenge of creating four different types of sliders. Then, Barb hosts her first open house on "Welcome to Flatch."

And on "Call me Kat," Kat is pursuing motherhood with her friends helping her find a donor.

Fox Sports brings in "WWE Friday Night Smackdown."

And on Sunday's "The Simpsons," it's an early Halloween with a killer clown on "Treehouse of Horror presents: Not IT," in a spoof on Stephen King's famous novel.