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Dunkin' joins energy drink trend, unveils 2 new flavors

Dunkin's SPARKD' has less caffeine than another chain's controversial energy drink.
Dunkin' joins energy drink trend, unveils 2 new flavors
Posted at 9:50 AM, Feb 23, 2024

Dunkin' is joining the growing list of companies riding the wave of energy drink popularity. SPARKD' energy drinks were added to the Dunkin' menu in two flavors this week.

You can get them in berry burst and peach flavors.

The company says they provide a "revitalizing burst of energy, made with vitamins, minerals and a kick of caffeine."

The large 30-ounce drink has 192 milligrams of caffeine. A small has about half the caffeine with 92 milligrams, which is roughly equal to what is contained in a serving of coffee. 

The Food and Drug Administration says up to 400 milligrams of caffeine a day is an amount not generally associated with dangerous, negative effects.

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“America turns to Dunkin’, from sunrise to sunset, to help them power through their day,” said Beth Turenne, Dunkin’s vice president of category management. “With the introduction of SPARKD’ Energy by Dunkin’, we set out to create a deliciously unique option for our guests. It’s not just another energy drink; it’s a totally new way to run on Dunkin’, incorporating the flavors that we know our fans enjoy.”

The drink contains about half the amount of caffeine as Panera Bread's large Charged lemonades. Panera is dealing with multiple lawsuits over the lemonade and has now added a warning about the drinks.

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