This job will pay you $100K to swim in pools in all 50 states

Swimply is searching for its inaugural Chief Pools Officer to swim in as many pools in the U.S. as possible from July to September.
Woman floats in pool
Posted at 3:00 PM, May 20, 2024

Just keep swimming!

A new job listing offers the chance to get paid $100,000 to swim in pools across 50 states.

Swimply is searching for its inaugural Chief Pools Officer, who will be tasked with swimming in as many Swimply pools as possible throughout the U.S. between July and September.

The company says its compensation package includes a $50,000 base to cover efforts, travel expenses, floaties and roadtrip snacks, and up to another $50,000 in performance bonuses based on content engagement and the number of pools visited.

Job responsibilities include swimming in pools in 50 states, all booked through Swimply, documenting the experience on social media, representing the company in media interviews and events, curating expert guides and hosting pop-up pool parties.

For social media, the Chief Pools Officer will make engaging TikToks, Instagram Reels and YouTube vlogs in real time. They will also create “Best of” lists that highlight the beauty, perks and features of different pools.

In interviews, the Chief Pools Officer should help spread the word on the fun and convenience of booking through Swimply, the company says.

All pool bookings for the role will be covered by Swimply.

“Booking a pool through Swimply’s neighborhood-driven marketplace is the pinnacle of summer fun. Our inaugural Chief Pools Officer will pool their skills to help us discover and share the best aquatic escapes nestled in America's backyards,” Swimply CEO Derek Callow said in a press release. “This is more than a dream job; it's a summer-long pool party. If you have a passion for pools and a splash of charisma, we're looking for you to help spread the Swimply sunshine. Jump in – the water’s great!"

To enter, applicants should book a Swimply pool near them and create a video resume showing how they’d feature the best pools across the country.

Applications will be accepted on TikTok and Instagram Reels. Applicants must tag @swimply and use the hashtag #SwimplyDreamJob.

Top applicants will interview with the CEO and complete a “Swimming Screen Test.”

Submissions will be accepted through June 15.