8 popular Halloween costumes for 2016

Posted at 8:52 AM, Oct 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-10 08:53:34-04

The spookiest time of the year is upon us. Dressing as scary creatures or funny characters for parties, haunted houses and other events makes Halloween a holiday with many fans.

While Halloween is one day, it’s celebrated throughout October, which means multiple costume changes. Luckily, finding costumes can be as much fun as wearing them, so grab your significant other or group of friends, and spend an afternoon shopping for the perfect get-up at Red Headed Witches, a locally-owned year-round costume shop.

To help you prepare, here are the top costumes for Halloween 2016.

Superheroes and Villains

Dress as your favorite super hero and dedicate the night to protecting the public and fighting crime with your supernatural powers! With a plethora of choices, including BatmanBatgirlWonder Woman, Superman, Supergirl and more, these would make a fantastic couple or group costume theme. You can suit up as an anti-hero, as well. Sharpen your fake knife and your sense of humor to spend a night out as Deadpool (for men and women) — snappy quips not included. Alternatively, if you’re looking for couple’s costumes, the Joker and Harley Quinn make a pair that is sure to frighten.

Olympics stars

From gymnast Simone Biles to swimmer Yusra Mardini, the Rio Olympics were full of athletic feats and inspirational stories. With the worldwide competition fresh in your mind, choose your favorite Olympians as influences. Get friends in on the act by dressing as Team USA — shop together to coordinate costumes and accessories – or pick athletes from different countries.

Political players

Dressing as beloved — or not so loved — politicians is always a hit, and with the presidential election a week after Halloween, you’ll be on point. Go as one of the two most talked about candidates, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, by throwing on a pantsuit or (a lot of) self-tanner, and donning a mask. Make it work for a group by dressing as your presidential pick, and battle it out to pick the winner, at least of the best costume.

Snapchat filters

If you love Snapchat, you’ll be delighted to discover you can look like your favorite filter. Include friends by dolling up to look like several of the filters, including puppy faces and flower crowns. Remember to (temporarily) record the moment by sharing a snap of your costumes — no filter needed.


When Pokémon Go exploded on the scene this summer, it opened a world of costume possibilities. Groups can dress as both trainers and Pokémon. Have fun with it by venturing out to visit PokeStops and enjoy the cool autumn weather.


With a new movie this year, Ghostbusters costumes are at the top of the list. The 1980s movies, cartoons and most recent film incarnation offer plenty of choices, as you emulate popular characters. Dress your crew as Ghostbusters and the poltergeists they chase. Then go out and capture ghosts — or at least a good time.

Inspirational women

If you want to represent a strong woman, consider dressing as Frida Kahlo, Beyoncé (in a lemonade-colored dress), Wonder Woman or any number of inspirational females, real and fictional. Buy a complete outfit, or come up with you own idea and pull together the pieces you need, including wigs, glasses, shoes and other accessories. Turn it into a group theme of awesome women or focus on one by having, for example, Wonder Woman accompanied by the Justice League, with women’s and men’s costumes.

Star Wars characters

The countless roles in this franchise make for intriguing couple or group-themed costumes. Have each person choose the light or dark side, and then dress as Rey and BB-8, Yoda and LeiaFinn on either side, Kylo Ren or Darth Vader, or anyone from the Star Wars universe.

Whatever your Halloween plans may be, Red Headed Witches has the costumes and accessories you need. Visit in person and have fun comparing options as you find the best costumesmasksmakeup and accessories, while supporting local business at Cape Coral's only year round costume store.