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We found the best storage sheds thanks to advice from the experts

Best Storage Shed According to Experts
Posted at 3:27 PM, Apr 04, 2024

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An outdoor storage shed can add style to your yard and home, but it also serves the important purpose of protecting and storing your equipment. You might need a shed to protect your lawn mower and other equipment, or simply to keep your gardening tools organized. Of course, you can even use a shed to create a place for relaxation and enjoying your favorite hobbies.

No matter how you plan to use it, a shed is a significant investment, so it’s important to choose the best storage shed for your needs. Read on to learn what you need to look for when shopping for a shed, and then check out some top shed options to help you get started.

What To Look For

Storage sheds come in a wide array of sizes, designs, materials and price points. So how do you choose? We spoke with experts to find out what to look for in a storage shed and how to find the shed that’s the best fit for your needs.


One of the first decisions you’ll need to make is to determine the ideal size of your shed. Cody Wilson from Lawn Studios Landscaping explains that you will need to weigh several factors to find the right size.

“Consider available space, storage needs, and future use,” Wilson says. “Factor in walkways and access, and opt for the largest size that fits your space and budget.”

Joy Aumann, a licensed realtor and co-founder of La Jolla Life, has two decades of luxury real estate and design experience staging homes. She explains that while it might be tempting to splurge for a larger shed, you’ll need to consider the costs of the overall project.

“Measure your space and think about what you want to store to get the right fit,” she recommends. “And remember, bigger sheds mean more site prep and a higher cost, so find the ideal balance of space and budget.”


While wood, metal, and plastic are commonly used in shed construction, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of each material.

Ana Coddington, Lead Interior Designer for Archival Designs, has over 10 years of experience with space planning, helping to create unique and stylish homes.

“Wood is the most traditional and commonly used material for garden sheds,” Coddington explains. “It has a natural and rustic look that blends well with outdoor surroundings. However, wood sheds require regular maintenance, such as painting or staining to protect them from rotting or insect infestations.”

Metal sheds, which are usually made of steel or aluminum, are both strong and durable. Metal sheds tend to be easy to assemble, and are usually more affordable than wood or plastic sheds.

“They are resistant to rot, fire, and insects, making them a low-maintenance option for garden sheds,” Coddington explains. “However, they may not have the same aesthetic appeal as wood or plastic sheds, and can be prone to rust if not properly treated.”

Plastic sheds, usually made of PVC or vinyl, are durable and low-maintenance, as well as lightweight and easy to assemble.

“They are resistant to rot, rust, and insects, making them ideal for areas with harsh weather conditions,” says Coddington. “However, they may not have the same strength and stability as wood or metal sheds and may not be suitable for storing heavy equipment.”


How you plan to use your shed affects the features that you should look for. “For lawn mower storage, prioritize sturdy flooring and wide doors,” says Wilson.

“Lots of ventilation and easy access? Perfect for garden tools,” Aumann says. “Cubbies, shelves, and a window seat? A she-shed paradise!” She recommends that you take your time to design the shed for exactly what you’ll use it for.


It’s also important to carefully consider the color of your shed.

“If you plan on selling your home in the future, I suggest going for the neutral color palette for your shed,” Coddington says. “This will appeal to a wider range of potential buyers and can easily match with the exterior of any home.” She notes that white, beige, and gray have a timeless, classic look.

Alternatively, if you would like your shed to blend into the surroundings, consider an earthy tone or like green or brown. You can also make a statement with a bold color like red or blue.


Consider the construction process, too, and review the manufacturer’s installation instructions before you decide to buy the shed.

“For construction, ensure your site is flat and level — this prevents cracks and wobbly sheds,” explains Aumann.

“Level the site, ensure proper drainage, and follow manufacturer instructions,” Wilson suggests. He also recommends that you consider professional installation if you buy a shed that requires a complex build.

Best Storage Sheds

Based on the factors identified by these experts, these are some of the best storage sheds to consider for your yard.

Galvanized Metal Outdoor Storage Shed

Galvanized Metal Outdoor Storage Shed

$379.99 at Walmart

Galvanized steel construction makes this shed a strong and durable choice, and the sloped roof helps to channel water away. A lock offers extra security and helps to keep small animals out, and vents help to create a dry environment.

This shed is 8 x 6 feet, so it’s spacious enough to protect gardening tools, grills, bikes, trash cans, firewood and more. Plus, its neutral tones are versatile and will look great in most yards.

Resin Plastic Outdoor Shed with Reinforced Floor

Resin Plastic Outdoor Shed with Reinforced Floor

$408.99 at Walmart

 Made of a synthetic resin, this shed is a strong and durable choice. It features a reinforced floor for extra stability, and there’s no painting required, so you don’t have to worry about upkeep.

The roof features grooves and slopes to prevent any water accumulation, and perforated vents promote air circulation to keep the interior dry. Measuring 6 x 4.4 feet, the shed can store bikes, lawn mowers, trash cans and your garden equipment.

Suncast 8′ x 7′ Heavy-Duty Resin Tremont Storage Shed

Suncast 8' x 7' Heavy-Duty Resin Tremont Storage Shed

$1,110.00 at Amazon

This shed has all of the features you want when storing garden equipment and other gear. The multi-wall panels and reinforced floor make it strong enough to withstand the weight of lawn mowers and other equipment. Adjustable corner shelves help to maximize your storage space and are ideal for keeping items like flowerpots and hand tools organized. Skylights provide natural light so you can easily see inside. I’ve owned this shed for four years and it has withstood the heavy snow load in Massachusetts very well.

Suncast Resin Vertical Storage Shed

Suncast Resin Vertical Storage Shed

$219 at Walmart

This shed’s vertical design means you can easily place it on a porch or patio without taking up too much space. The resin construction makes it a strong and durable choice that’s easy to maintain without worrying about painting. The doors can be padlocked for extra security, and the light taupe finish is a versatile, neutral color that will look great against many homes. The shed is an ideal size to store shovels, rakes, sports gear, pool equipment, patio cushions and more.

5′ x 3′ Outdoor Storage Shed

5' x 3' Outdoor Storage Shed

$100 (was $239) at Walmart

 This metal shed features a sloped roof to channel rain away and thick galvanized steel for increased durability. The shed is rust-resistant and includes vents to help keep the interior dry and cool. It’s 5 x 3-foot size gives you plenty of space for items like mowers, tools, bicycles and garbage cans without taking up too much of your backyard. It’s available in colors like gray and green, so it will look great in many spaces.

Do-it-Yourself Windemere 10 ft. x 12 ft. Deluxe Multi-Purpose Wood Shed

Do-it-Yourself Windemere 10 ft. x 12 ft. Deluxe Multi-Purpose Wood Shed

$3,694 at The Home Depot

 If you really want to splurge on a luxury shed, this one’s ideal. With its roof overhands and contemporary style, it would make a beautiful addition to most yards. Its engineered wood siding helps to prevent fungal decay and insects, like termites. It provides 1,018 cubic feet of storage and features a complete wood floor and windows, so it could easily be converted into a she-shed. The wood is all pre-cut and ready to assemble, helping to simplify the construction process.

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