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At least 4 dead, 7 injured in Illinois stabbing attacks

Police described the suspect as an adult male who stabbed multiple individuals. The suspect was taken into custody, according to law enforcement.
At least 4 dead, 7 injured in Illinois stabbing attacks
Posted at 8:21 PM, Mar 27, 2024

At least four people were killed and seven others were injured in attacks that involved stabbings in the areas of Cleveland Avenue, Holmes Street and Eggleston Road in Rockford, Illinois, police said. 

Rockford Police said a 22-year-old adult male was taken into custody after he was accused of stabbing multiple people.

The Rockford Register Star reported that a mail delivery worker was included in the dead, and at least one of the injured people was in critical condition. At least five of the other injuries were considered serious.

Police said no motive for the attacks was determined by Wednesday evening. 

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In a post to social media, police said included in the dead are a 15-year-old female, a 63-year-old female, a 49-year-old male and a 22-year-old male. 

Police asked residents in the area to review any available video from the time of the attacks and to provide any useful information amid the investigation. 

Rockford Mayor Tom McNamara said at a press conference, "I think like most Rockfordians, totally shaken by this act of violence and the impact that it's having now on multiple families lives. So certainly my prayers are with them as they are just beginning to deal with what will be really difficult days and weeks ahead."

Police said they were working on investigating multiple scenes and said multiple jurisdictions were involved. 

Witnesses described seeing bloodied people being taken into ambulances. Resident Eric Patterson told the Rockford Register Star it appeared a mail carrier was struck by a vehicle and their delivery equipment was scattered across a yard. 

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