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Why we redesigned our mobile app

New mobile app for iOS and Android. Our news is streaming any time you want to watch with our 24/7 streaming channel and video on demand clips.
Posted at 10:07 AM, Oct 30, 2023

FORT MYERS — Notice something different in our mobile app? Starting today, our FOX 4 News Fort Myers WFTX iOS and Android mobile apps have a brand new look and feel. You'll still get all the up-to-the-minute breaking news, accurate weather, and in-depth investigations from the station you know and trust, but in a new package.

We've spent months talking with readers and viewers like you to understand what's most important. This new mobile app is a direct result of your feedback. Our new design brings a bold, fresh focus to the biggest news of the day.


Readers told us that being able to choose how they read the news is a top priority.

A new menu at the top of the Home screen gives you more control over how you read the news, and makes it easier to find other news sections in our app.

Choose "Top News" to read news stories curated by our local news team as the most important news of the day or choose "Most Recent" to read news stories published most recently.


In the new "Watch" tab in our new mobile app, our news is streaming any time you want to watch.

Whether it's our 24/7 streaming channel, or video on demand clips, you're in control over what you want to watch, and when you want to watch it.


Making sure the app reflects your preference on how you use your device was also important to you, whether your device is in Dark Mode or Light Mode.

Our new mobile app honors your device's preference and also gives you the choice to use the app in Dark Mode or Light Mode.


Not only have we redesigned the mobile app experience, but we've rebuilt the code of our app from scratch. What does this mean for you? The app will load faster and you'll get news updates quicker.

Download our iOS mobile app update here.

Download our Android mobile app update here.

We’re excited to see the new mobile app in action and hope you are too. Let's keep the conversation going. Have feedback on the new design? Let us know by going into the new mobile app and selecting Tools > Contact Support.