Responsible gun use under stress class coming to SWFL

Posted at 10:53 PM, Nov 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-17 22:59:59-05

Experts say you may only have seconds to defend yourself from an attacker. During that time you could find yourself riding an emotional roller coaster.


"Blood is running through your extremities, the heart rate goes up to keep the blood flowing, the conscious brain shuts down," said Harry Grimm.


Grimm teaches a self-defense course tailored to help you from letting the stress of the moment overcome you.


"When all that's happening, you have to understand what is happening in a situation and be able to react."


Grimm says breathing, even yelling can help keep you in the moment.


"You have to make a decision whether to pull your weapon or not pull your weapon, you are going to have to make a decIsion whether to shoot the gun or not shoot the gun."


Martial arts instructor Dave Kelley is adopting a similar approach in his self-defense class.


"We try and take that fear that everyone would have, most people would have, and turn it into a defense mechanism."


If the thought of defending yourself makes you anxious, both instructors have a tip.


"We teach a scream, we teach to yell, and that sometimes breaks that frozen fear," adds Kelley.


The "Responsible Gun Use Under Stress" class is coming to Southwest Florida in January.


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