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New Colombian coffee shop opens in Naples

Acopio is a cafe in Naples focused on connection and cocoa
New Columbian coffee shop opens in Naples
Posted at 1:10 PM, Feb 23, 2024

Acopiois a new coffee shop nestled in the heart of Naples.

"We believe that a cup of coffee is the perfect connection to build moments, health and happiness," Oscar Suarez, one of the owners, said.

It's baristas and bakers use all of the finest ingredients. In fact, the chocolate used in the cafe was named best in the world by ForbesColombia magazine.

New Columbian coffee shop opens in Naples

That's exactly why the Colombian cafe, Acopio, uses no sugar or gluten in their products. The cafe shop name, means putting things together, from the Spanish verb acopiar, pointing out the process that goes into the product.

"This is our room where we will be introducing people that are interested in being more familiar with the coffee who want to become baristas," Suarez said.

This painting depicts Colombia, the products grown there, and the shipping process to Naples.