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WHAT'S THE SOLUTION? "Every time it rains, it gets bad," Palm Beach Blvd floods again

Posted at 7:52 AM, Jul 02, 2024

FORT MYERS, Fla. — One day after people drove through a flooded Palm Beach Boulevard, a "Road Under Water" sign still stands.

But, people consider it normal to drive through the flooded street, because they say it happens so often.

Mark Casamento sent Fox 4 a video where cars created waves as they drove on Palm Beach Blvd.

Palm Beach Blvd with commentary FIXED.mp4

Casamento says it looked like two feet when he drove through it.

"They just get stuck in the water, and they can't move," Karen Cruz who works on her family's food truck off Palm Beach Blvd says.

It's like a movie Cruz has seen before—a lot of times.

"Often. Every time it rains it gets bad," she says.

David Andrade also works on Palm Beach Blvd and says he saw the same with cars trying to make it through high water.

Andrade says, "Trying to run through the heavy floods of all of Palm Beach and it's super, really, really bad."

Cruz says it happens so often, she lost track of how many times she's seen the road flood which is a concern she and her mom share.

"Worried. You know because we have to pay rent and like everything, and we need money and like if we don't sell, there's no money," Cruz says.

They don't want their business to sink—literally and financially.

Fox 4's Ella Rhoades reached out to FDOT three times Monday to see if there's something they can do to alleviate the consistent flooding, but they didn't get back to her.

"I just hope they can work on the water going down faster," Cruz says.