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How a donation flyer supporting law enforcement could have you sending money to the wrong place

A person in Cape Coral sent the police department $25 after misreading flyer
Cape Coral police flyer
Posted at 6:11 PM, Jan 19, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-19 18:11:45-05

CAPE CORAL, Fla. — A donation flyer asking people for money to support local law enforcement had some people confused and police working to set the record straight.

The Cape Coral Police Department (CCPD) said they came across a flyer asking for donations after someone had mailed them $25 in support.

On the flyer it says police officers in many areas must buy their own body armor and get less training due to budget cuts.

Below is the Flyer from the Cape Coral Police Department:

On CCPD's Facebook page, they posted this statement regarding the flyer.


Have you gotten a flyer like this in the mail? This is NOT from the Cape Coral Police Department! The flyer says officers have to buy their own body armor and equipment, and is soliciting donations for these things. It also says our officers' training has been reduced because of police budget cuts. Both are NOT true!

Here's what you need to know:
We would NEVER solicit donations through the mail like this.
Our body armor is fully funded through the city.
We have extensive and mandatory training beyond what's mandated by the state.

Donations made through this flyer will NOT go toward the Cape Coral Police Department and, again, this is NOT from us. An easy way to tell: this says "Cape Coral Area Police" when we are the "Cape Coral Police Department."

If you ever have any questions about a flyer or piece of mail like this, feel free to call us at 239-574-3223. We'd be happy to help!

CCPD Facebook Page

Fox 4's Colton Chavez found out the flyer belongs to the non-profit, United States Deputy Sheriff's Association (USDSA).

David Hinners, Director for USDSA spoke with Fox 4 about if the flyer is transparent enough for people to understand where the funds go.

"We have had that issue before and we have always worked on trying to make sure, this is an old flyer. I think some of the wording we are using now is a little different, I know it is," said Hinners.

Hinners said the older flyer titled is just one of many pages, mailed out, that he said explains where the donations go.

“There is a thing in there that I make sure is in every single mailing that the funds are not for local law enforcement,” said Hinners.

Hinners said the picture below is a portion from the mailing he said is sent to all Florida residents along with the donation portion.