Climate and Clothing: Does Clothing Color Impact Comfort?

When it feels like summertime year-round in SWFL, heading back to school is hard! And it might be especially difficult on those kids as their waiting out at the bus stop in August heat and humidity. Want to make it easier on them to adjust to their new fall routine? You might want to consider what color you dress them in! 

Many native Floridians already know that how they dress will help them beat the heat. It's not just about a lack of layers, but also the colors you're choosing for back to school outfits. It's all about the absorption or reflection of the sun's radiation, and different colors have different rates.

You want to choose a color that has a high albedo, or a higher proportion of light or radiation reflected, rather than absorbed. Lighter colors like white and pastel shades help to reflect the sun's radiation, while dark colors such as black, navy, and brown absorb the rays and heat you up even more. 

Hope this helps you stay cool this school year! 

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