Hurricane history of Southwest Florida

Major hurricanes have largely avoided the Southwest Florida region for the last 12 years, which is a record streak of hurricane inactivity.

Although, Southwest Florida is no stranger to hurricanes. While other parts of the state tend to be prone to more frequent direct threats from tropical cyclones, a few significant storms have made their impact in this part of the state in recent years.

Hurricane Charley and Hurricane Wilma

The last time we saw significant impacts from hurricanes was with Hurricane Charley in 2004 and Hurricane Wilma in 2005.   Both brought strong winds, heavy rains, flooding and significant damage to parts of Southwest Florida.

Before Charley, the previous benchmark hurricane for the area was Hurricane Donna in 1960.  Donna made landfall south of Naples with winds around 130 mph and significant storm surge.

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Hurricane Donna and Hurricane Charley most talked about

While many other weaker storms have affected Southwest Florida, Charley and Donna are the two that most people talk about.

It’s been a while since we've had to deal with a significant hurricane here in Southwest Florida, and it’s important not to let your guard down. You should always plan ahead.

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