Patrick Nolan - Anchor for Fox 4 WFTX Fort Myers/Cape Coral

Thanks for clicking on my bio page. Here's my story in a nutshell: I was born and raised in Miami (in a house with no air conditioning.)

Between the hot house and my dad's job as an ironworker, my parents decided to pack up our pick-up truck (which didn't have an A/C either) every summer and head to a major construction project up north where my dad found work.

We lived out of a tent all over the country. That's how I began to learn everyone and every place has a story.

I also learned it can be a long summer when you're the youngest of six kids stuffed into a camper for cross country road trips - but that's a whole other story.

After going to the University of Florida and a year of graduate school in Australia, I worked for a few other TV stations - before joining FOX 4 in 2003.

In my spare time, I usually hit the tennis court or the pool (My mom was a P.E. teacher who liked swimming as a sport for me - probably because it required me to stop talking.)

I also kayak, bike, hike, and teach/practice meditation and yoga – including hot yoga.

So all those years without air conditioning turned out be good preparation.

Thanks again for checking in.

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