FHP search for driver caught on camera in dramatic hit-and-run in Tampa area

PASCO COUNTY, Fla. - Neighbors and witnesses are concerned after an erratic driver hit a vehicle and then a kid on a bike, and never stopped. 

DISCLAIMER: This video shows a child being struck by a car.

The fact that 14-year-old Johnny Walsh can stand and show off his bruises is hard to believe.

“I got a bruise right here. I got this scratch. I got knots on my hand and this elbow. And then my hip, I got a big knot on it,” said Walsh. 

Monday afternoon he was riding his bike on the sidewalk along Moog road in Holiday when an out of control Ford Expedition came right at him.

“I seen a dude swerve out and I was like what’s going on?,” said Walsh. 

A neighbor's surveillance video captured the shocking incident, showing an SUV swerving through the dirt, crashing into a parked car, and ramming into Walsh on his bicycle before leaving the scene.

“There were kids everywhere. It was just mad chaos,” said neighbor Jackie Lilly.

“I thought everything was fake. I was like is this really happening,” said Walsh.

The 14-year-old’s quick reaction may have saved him. 

“It hit the bike, and then I pushed off. Then I hit the floor and I rolled. And then the tire was right in front of me. So I had to hurry up and get out of the way,” Walsh explained.

A witness in a white car, saw it all happen, and followed the truck getting the license plate number.

Florida Highway Patrol tracked down the Ford’s owner, but not the man who was driving it.

Johnny’s family hopes that person turns himself in.

“He wants to play basketball.I hope that don’t injure his hip for life. I just want you to come forward man. Be a man. Come forward,” said Johnny Walsh, Sr.

Johnny is hurting and needs a new bike. But he has a survival story you might not believe, if it wasn’t all caught on video.

FHP is still looking for the gold Ford Expedition with Florida tag GYCT99.

The driver is described as a white male in his 20’s with light brown or blonde hair.

FHP is asking for anyone with information to contact them at *FHP or 813-631-4020 or to call or Crime Stoppers.

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