Southwest Florida home wins 2017 Electronic House of the Year

BONITA SPRINGS, Fla. - You’ve heard of smart phones and smart cars but what about a smart home? An electronic house in Southwest Florida brought home the gold, being named the 2017 Electronic House of the Year.

It was the home, not the homeowner that welcomed Four In Your Corner. 

Clayton Varner says artificial intelligence makes life a whole lot easier.  “I’m kind of lazy. I hate door locks. All of the doors lock and unlock automatically and the gate opens,” Varner said.

The electronic house provides other luxuries like curved TV’s mounted above a bed that has it’s own air conditioning system. Varner says the possibilities are endless.

“You can connect everything from your current coffee maker to pretty much anything,” he said.

The entire house is streamlined, meaning every room has something in it to control the house. A photo frame that is actually an iPad let’s the owner control the surround sound or the front gate.

More than four thousand tasks can be accomplished with Varner’s computers. “Whatever the homeowner can think of, they can just go into the program and pick an event and an action they want to happen,” he said.

A small electronic chip is what let him win the 2017 Electronic House of the Year below $150,000.  “The small chip, it’s the secret behind all the magic.”

Varner says he didn’t trick out his crib for the glory but he wants more homeowners in Southwest Florida to follow his lead and he’s more than wiling to help get people started.

“Anything you can think of, we can do,” he said. “I would watch out if you really love technology and you meet me."

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