Free conference focuses on science and engineering idea sharing

SARASOTA, Fla. -- An upcoming conference will be a gathering of life-long learners, creatives, geeks, business people, entrepreneurs, makers, and inventors, and it's all free.

Imagine being able to walk around and explore a Faire containing Makers with their cool gadgets and machines, Inventors showing off their ideas and prototypes, school Robotics teams running their creations in the hallways, Drones flying through the air, and a Gamers area where there will be game design sessions, discussion of advanced gaming concepts, and games being played.

DaVinci’s Faire and BarCamp 2016 will be taking place April 30th in Bradenton.  This Conference and Maker’s Faire reaches an extremely broad audience: children, adults, and students of all ages.

The purpose is to show that amazing things happen when people in different fields get to mingle and network in an intersection of synergy and serendipity and attendee outcome is always innovating and connecting.

This is a free event, but registration in advance is required.  Click here for more information and to register.

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