Miana Massey


Hello, I am Miana! I appreciate you taking the time to learn more about me, as you will probably be seeing a lot of me on your weeknight and weekend newscasts.

I am a Baltimore native and recent graduate of Howard University.

My passion for broadcast news developed after witnessing the media’s immense power to shape, develop, and drive stories during the aftermath of Freddie Gray’s death in my hometown of Baltimore, Maryland. At just seventeen years old I felt a responsibility to make sure my community was fairly represented.

This experience drove me to gain experience in entertainment, political, and traditional news while interning for E! News, Fox News Network, and CNN. As a female journalist of color, I believe it is my duty to not only produce stories of truth and accuracy but of relevancy.

As a new member of the Southwest Florida community and Fox 4 family, I hope to serve as a voice to people who feel their voices have been lost. I use my platform to uplift and motivate all people that through faith, hard work, and dedication “we can move mountains.”

When I’m not reporting the news, I enjoy baking, traveling, volunteering, spoken word, and spending a nice day at the beach.

I would absolutely love to connect with you all! Reach out to me with any story ideas, or even just to say hello on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook or send an email to miana.massey@fox4now.com

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