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Video Game Shopping? Try something retro

Give the perfect present this holiday season
Posted: 7:23 AM, Dec 01, 2017
Updated: 2017-12-01 13:09:03Z
Video Game Shopping? Try something retro
Video Game Shopping? Try something retro
Video Game Shopping? Try something retro
Video Game Shopping? Try something retro

Virtual reality games and the latest consoles from Nintendo, Playstation, and X Box are sure to be favorites this holiday season. 

And you can find some of that at 8-Bit Hall of Fame in Bonita Springs. But what they really specialize in, is video games you can't find at the mall. 

Every Friday, from Black Friday until Christmas, Fox 4 Morning News is helping you give the Perfect Present. And to do that, we're going to small stores to help you find something unique. 

"There's a lot of stores in the area that sell video games, but there isn't anything like this that sells the older style," store owner, Jason Crosser says.

Crosser's store actually began as a hobby. But when his personal collection grew too big, he decided to start a business. At first, he kept his day job as a teacher in the Collier County School District. But the 8-Bit Hall Fame got to be so successful, he decided to do it full time. 

We have four requests for each store we visit on Giving the Perfect Present.

1. Give us something popular.

"Right now there's the Super Nintendo Classic," Crosser says. The hot gift a year ago, was a throwback to the original Super Nintendo, and came loaded with more than dozen games. But Crosser sells the actual game system from the 1980's for $115. So you can really go retro.

"Here you have the originals, so you can keep adding games to them and play all the games on the system," he says.

2. Give us something unique.

 "Right now what's really popular is the video game sound track on vinyl," Crosser says. Think of old games like The Legend of Zelda and Pac Man. Now think of the music on those games. You can listen to it on the vinyl soundtracks.

"A lot of the music was done by real composers back then, so most of the music is pretty good music," Crosser says.

3. Give us something under $25

"So a lower end toy that goes with the game and all the characters with the game, that kids like to collect, is the Nintendo Amiibo," Crosser says. 

These toys unlock characters and features in new Nintendo games and cost as little as $13.

4. Give us something lavish

"If you would like to splurge on an item for Christmas, (we have a) kind of the wall of consoles," Crosser says. 

He sells just about every game console from them 1970's to the early 2000's, most of them for between $50 and $150 dollars.

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