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Backyard concrete slab decorating ideas TIY

Posted: 5:11 PM, Aug 02, 2017
Updated: 2017-08-02 17:11:45-04

Here's a simple fun backyard project guaranteed to give your patio some pop! Try it yourself.   

We’re going to take your backyard concrete slab add some decoration and turn it into a cozy oasis.

First, it all starts with a little pressure washing. Pressure wash the concrete to clean off all debris.

Once you have the concrete all clean move on to using a concrete bonding primer. Apply the concrete bonding primer to the whole concrete slab so the paint can stick nicely and finishes with a pretty coat. We went with two colors we're going with white and blue. The white paint will be applied first and then finish with the blue paint.   

To decorate the concrete slab we’re going to use what they call frog tape. Place the frog tape in the shape or design you desire.

With the tape down the last layer of paint goes over the concrete slab using one part epoxy concrete garage floor paint. Epoxy garage floor paint is water based and can really stand up to the outdoor elements. Once the paint is set and dry it's time for the big reveal.

To remove the tape you are going to pull up real gently. If you are worried about the paint bleeding no worries it’s concrete and it’s outside so it will give it a more of a unique look. If you are worried about the paint bleeds in the line take a small paint brush and touch it some white paint. 

Now all that's left to do is sit and enjoy the view.