Your Healthy Family: Probiotics can help clear skin

Posted at 7:50 AM, Nov 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-11 07:50:28-05

A Naples Dietitian told Fox 4 a diet rich in probiotics can help you have clearer skin.

Betsy Opyt is a Registered Dietitian, and said it's important to understand how your gut works. Your gut is filled with good and bad bacteria. The bad bacteria feed off of sugars and unhealthy foods, which creates even more sugar in your gut.

"So the more sugar you eat, obviously the more inflamed your body becomes," Opyt said.

She said getting your probiotics -- the good bacteria that naturally live in your body -- supports the growth of more good bacteria, which helps you have a healthy microbiome. Your microbiome is the composition of bacteria and fungi that live inside your body. But Opyt said your microbiome isn't just in your gut.

"It's all over our body. Our skin is another one that houses a lot of these healthy bacteria, so when you're seeing skin issues on the outside, that's actually a resemblance of what's going on inside your gut. So a poor diet is going to result in your skin. And that's part of a dysbiosis, and part of the microbiome imbalance," Opyt said.

She said when she's working with clients who have acne, she knows how to address it through diet.

"What you're eating, or incorporating things that you're not eating back into your diet to repopulate that gut microbiome, and reduce the leaky gut, because that's basically what's happening," Opyt said.

Fermented foods that are rich in probiotics and can help you have clearer skin, like kimchi, sauerkraut, yogurt, and kombucha.

Probiotics can also help you manage your weight and boost your mood.