Your Healthy Family: Cardiovascular disease a common issue in men

Posted at 7:51 AM, Oct 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-08 08:34:31-04

PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla. — A Port Charlotte Doctor said one of the most common issues he sees in men is cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Simon Grinshteyn with Bayfront Health said cardiovascular disease is preventable.

"We're still dying from it. Men, especially, because we're not quick to pull the trigger on getting care," Dr. Grinshteyn said.

He said a man's risk of cardiovascular disease sky rockets as he gets older.

"Especially if you're a smoker, if you really don't exercise, if you have a stressful job. A lot of us do. But if it's a lot of sedentary work, if you know in your own mind that the diet isn't the best, you should probably get screened," Dr. Grinshteyn said.

He said getting diagnosed with diabetes or other issues increases your chances of developing heart disease.

"There are about 7 million Americans walking around who have diabetes and don't know it," Dr. Grinshteyn said. "Hypertension, blood pressure. It's called a silent killer for a reason. You don't see it coming and your first symptom can be a heart attack or stroke. It could be as simple as getting a blood test and getting that fixed."

Dr. Grinshteyn said a lot of the time, men don't get treatment because of the stigma.

"A lot of people, men especially, think 'You know what, if I take medication, then yeah, I'm not a man, I'm giving up.' That's not it at all. You're actually admitting that there's a problem, and you're going to get the help for it because you want to be around for you and your family who needs you," he said.

Dr. Grinshteyn said it's easy to get screened for cardiovascular disease. All you do is go in, get a blood test and imaging, and if needed, he'll send you to a specialist.