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Your Healthy Family: 3 tips to ease anxiety and stress

Posted at 7:27 AM, Mar 04, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-15 12:54:19-04

Do you ever feel anxious or stressed and wish you could find a way to take care of it? Fox 4 has three tips from a life coach to help you worry less.

"Many people are stressed out. Many people are feeling anxious and you're not alone. The less alone we feel, the less intense those emotions can feel," Stephanie Mansour, a Life Coach and Health Expert, said.

Her first tip: use your senses. She said you can sniff your way to serenity.

"Whether it's your favorite perfume, or you can use cologne. You can light a candle, you can use essential oils. Whatever you can smell that makes you feel relaxed and a little bit more at ease," she said.

Tip number two: when there's a lot going on that's outside of your control or too many thoughts in your head, pause and sip on something warm, like hot tea.

"Why hot tea? Well, when something is hot, we have to slow down, we have to calm down in order to slowly drink the hot beverage," Mansour said.

Tip number three: turn to your breath. Mansour has this simple breathing technique to help you release stress.

"Breathe in for four counts. Hold at the top for four counts, and slowly breathe out for another four counts. This is going to help your nervous system get more settled and feel more relaxed," she said.

She said to remember, there are always going to be stressors and triggers around us. But instead of focusing on eliminating the source of the stress, focus on managing your emotions and mindset.