3 High-Tech Bike Inventions Keeping Riders Safe

America is experiencing record growth in the sport of cycling. Whether you're hopping on a bike, or just tolerate the riders as long as they stay in the bike lane, Lindsey Granger has three new gadgets keeping riders safe.

1.  Monkey Lights

These show off your favorite symbols and graphics with cool LED lights attached to your bike tires. You can get Monkey Lights on Amazon for under $60.

2.  Hövding – Airbag Helmet

To ensure foolproof safety while cycling, a Swedish company came out with this device. Unlike a regular helmet, the device looks like a hood works as an airbag for cyclists. You can find out when this helmet will be available in your area on Hövding’s website.

3.  Night Eye Reflector Suit

This innovative gear takes the visibility of nighttime cyclists to the next level. The outfit looks a normal grey color during the day and transforms to shine bright like a diamond in the evening. You can pick up the Macna Night Eye for under $250.

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