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Five shows to binge in May

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Posted at 5:29 PM, Apr 26, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-26 17:29:58-04

TUCSON, Ariz. — Looking to camp out on the couch and take down a show that will keep you up way too late and help you procrastinate from doing more important tasks? Here are five shows to stream.

Premise: A hard-boiled, burned-out detective in a small Pennsylvania town follows her instincts to crack a teen mom murder case.
Stars: Kate Winslet, Evan Peters, Guy Pearce, Angourie Rice.
Service: HBO Max.
Why it's impossible to stop watching: Winslet shows off a much more rough-hewn side than she's ever hinted at before. Crisp dialogue and an entrancing mystery keep you guessing. New episodes drop on Sundays, with the finale scheduled for May 30.

Premise: A one-hit wonder girl group from the 1990s reunites to cash in on nostalgia and reignite their fame.
Stars: Sara Bareilles, Busy Phillips, Paula Bell, Renee Elise Goldberry.
Service: Peacock.
Why it's impossible to stop watching: Bareilles's comedy talents match her musical acumen, and she delivers some hilarious songs to underline the sitcom's themes playfully. Executive producer Tina Fey's talents have produced yet another winner. The series debuts on May 6.

Premise: The follow-up to the 1990s sports films finds the once-lowly Ducks now as pompous front-runners. A scrappy team of scrubs is out to take them down.
Stars: Lauren Graham, Emilio Estevez, Maxwell Simkins, Brady Noon.
Service: Disney+.
Why it's impossible to stop watching: Recapturing the magic of the old movies, the underdog comedy delivers a welcome line change. Estevez and Graham prove ready and able to begin new acts in their previously stagnant careers, and the cast of kids shines. New episodes come out Fridays, with the season finale due May 28.

Premise: Competitors who are only allowed to communicate via social media build alliances and scheme against each other to see who can take home a $100,000 prize.
Stars: Michelle Buteau.
Service: Netflix.
Why it's impossible to stop watching: The ultimate phone-obsessed millennial competition show thrives because of its format and cast of conflicting personalities. The drama may be silly and frivolous, but it's never dull. Season two launched on April 14.

Premise: The whip-smart 1993-1995 animated satire returns with a vengeance, rounding up most of the old voice cast.
Stars: Rob Paulsen, Jess Harnell, Tress MacNeille, Maurice LaMarche.
Service: Hulu.
Why it's impossible to stop watching: The rebooted "Animaniacs" packs all the appeal of the beloved and sometimes forgotten original. Packed with inventive and educational songs, edgy humor, and sharp political and cultural commentary, it connects with adults while also managing to cater to the slapstick yearnings of youth. You also can't go wrong with more "Pinky and the Brain."
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