Elyse Chengery - Weekend Anchor for WFTX

Elyse Chengery


Weekend Evening Anchor

Elyse knew at the age of 8 that anchoring news was her calling. She loves being out in the community, talking with people and really wants to make a difference in the world one story at a time. She grew up near Cleveland, Ohio.

Before Elyse joined FOX 4 she was working as a main evening anchor for a FOX and NBC affiliate in Michigan. Prior to anchoring in Michigan she was a news reporter in Columbus, Ohio where she covered a lot of breaking news. She did an in depth look at a local group that came together to get a military veteran who suffered a stroke a shower/home remodel to help make his home more accessible for him. She also pushed hard to cover a story for a local woman's journey to receive a kidney. She's happy to say that due to her putting the story on air the woman was able to get a successful kidney transplant and every time she thanks Elyse - it brings tears to her eyes as she knows that the right stories on air have the potential to really help someone's life in a positive way. And that is the meaning behind Elyse getting into news.

Before Columbus, she worked in Toledo as a reporter and anchor in the same area she went to college, adding that the town will always mean something special to her as her education at The University of Toledo has helped lead her to her dream career. She covered a lot of meaningful local stories throughout the area… adding fun along the way as she dove headfirst into third base while covering the Toledo Mud Hens home opener. Elyse even had a sponsored show where she would cover local high school sports weekly. She also came up with a fun segment to find the best Christmas lights in town!

Prior to moving to Toledo, Elyse worked in her hometown of Cleveland. There she was a Production Assistant, Assignment Editor and Missing Person Segment Coordinator. With the help of local police departments, broadcasts and families of missing loved ones, Elyse worked daily and diligently to help successfully find more than 350 missing people in Ohio. She worked on numerous big breaking news stories such as the three women found in Cleveland. Elyse was the first to locate a picture of Michelle Knight for broadcast locally and nationally.

Elyse covers everything from breaking news, feature stories, investigative stories and sports. She says a major part of news is credibility, integrity and character. She's thrilled and honored to have a seat at the anchor desk and thanks all of you for welcoming her on air in your homes daily.

Elyse loves painting as well as sewing and designing clothes. She loves to cook; her signature dish is pierogies and when she's not cooking, she is off to find the best food the area has to offer! If you have any suggestions send them her way!

She skis, snowboards, golfs and enjoys concerts - boating, all things entertainment, music, fashion and pop culture. Elyse is a big sports fan since she was little as she played a lot of sports including softball, volleyball, basketball and track just to name a few. She was also a ballerina.

Elyse loves news. She even has the nickname Rhonda Burgundy which her brother nicknamed her when graduating college after her love of news and the nickname stuck ever since.

Her favorite sports teams are The Cleveland Browns, Columbus Blue Jackets and of course her alma mater The Toledo Rockets.

If you have any story ideas or those restaurant suggestions feel free to email Elyse at Elyse.Chengery@fox4now.com

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