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Your Healthy Family: Cooking tips to save time and money

Posted at 8:18 AM, Aug 21, 2023
and last updated 2023-08-21 08:18:23-04

Sometimes it can feel like a battle to cook and get food on the dinner table, so we turn to takeout. But a home-cooked meal is almost always healthier and less expensive. Fox 4 has cooking tips to help you save time and money.

K.C. Gulbro is the owner and Chef at Foxfire and Copper Fox Restaurants. He said to start by planning out all of your meals.

“You want to plan your meals because it will help you with your prep, help you with your purchases, and help you with your time," he said.

He said to sit down and make a menu, and even cook ahead.

“So on Monday, you can cook for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, saving you more time with your family and your friends,” Gulbro said.

He also said this will help you know exactly what you need.

“Planning your meals is effective way for all chefs and cooks at home to save money," he said.

Gulbro also said it's important to buy what's in season.

“When you buy in season, you buy the freshest ingredients at a cheaper cost. If you buy out of season, it's going to cost you more money. Buying in season also lets you throw together some seasonal 'wow' into your plates,” he said.

He said to check to see what's in season before you head to to the store.

When shopping, he recommends buying in bulk.

“The best thing about buying in bulk is you always get the best price," Gulbro said.

He also said you can get creative.

“You can take your product and use it in many different meals. Today's spare rib can be tomorrow's lunch, tomorrow's soup, or even today's dinner. Buying in bulk is the perfect way to save money because when you buy more, you save more," Gulbro said.

When it comes time to cook, he said to do as the pro chefs do: get as prepared as possible with 'mise en place.'

"Which simply means 'in place.' Chefs do this in every kitchen, and you should do it at home. Your 'mis en place' can be your vegetables, your beefs, and your stocks, or your sauces," Gulbro said. "Take your ingredients and your proteins and put them together in place so when you're cooking, you have it all ready for you. It's a great way to have efficiency in the kitchen."

To eliminate waste and save money, he said to save your trim.

“Trim can be anything from vegetables, peelings, to pieces of meat that you didn't want to throw on the grill. Trim is the best way to save money because it can be used for stocks, for soups, for sauces, and for snacks," he said.