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Your Healthy Family: 'Asking Saves Kids' Campaign aims to prevent gun deaths

Posted at 10:32 AM, Jun 27, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-27 10:32:26-04

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says between 2019 and 2020, gun deaths jumped nearly 30 percent in kids ages 1-19.

It could be the most important question to ask before sending your kid on a play date. The “Asking Saves Kids” Campaign urges you to ask if there are guns inside a home your child is going into.

Dr. Kiesha Fraser Doh, an Emergency Department Physician with Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, said it's potentially life-saving question.

"We often times have families who really wish they'd had this simple conversation," she said.

Dr. Fraser said that's the focus of the “Asking Saves Kids” Campaign. According to the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, eight children and teens are hurt or killed in unitentional shootings each day because guns were misused or weren't properly stored. It also said 46 percent of gun owners don't lock up their guns.

"You should always have it locked up, unloaded and ammunition separate from the gun," Dr. Fraser said.

Parents should make sure to ask other parents whether there are any unsecured guns in a home before allowing their child to go on a play date or babysit for a family. Dr. Fraser said it can be a tough conversation, and recommends using the statistics, and saying the numbers have you concerned. She said you can say you have a curious child, and just want to make sure all guns are secured.

Dr. Fraser also said you can put it on your doctor.

"Say 'My pediatrician says I should ask this question before my child comes over to play.' The few moments of awkwardness versus a lifetime of grief, a lifetime of distress and pain, is totally worth it," Dr. Fraser said.