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What to know about post-hurricane roof replacements

Posted at 11:54 AM, Aug 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-22 14:05:43-04

The devastation left in the wake of hurricanes cannot be exaggerated. Once the wind and rain have passed and the floods have subsided, communities are left reeling for months and years as they try to pick up the pieces of damaged homes and displaced lives.

When such catastrophic events affect many people, part of the struggle in recovery efforts involves dealing with the difficulty of filing insurance claims, swiftly followed by the lack of manpower and dwindling repair materials.

One year after Hurricane Irma, homeowners are still having trouble getting their roofs fixed. Here's what you need to know about post-hurricane roof replacements and how to get yours fixed more quickly.

Insurance approval may take months

When hurricanes cause damage to hundreds or even thousands of homes, there aren't enough insurance adjusters to ensure every person is attended to in a timely manner. That's why when catastrophe strikes, it's crucial to contact your insurance company right away to get to the front of the line. Following up frequently is another important step in making sure your claim is seen soon. Remember that some insurance companies have a one year deadline from the date of occurrence to file a claim.

Once your claim is filed, you have to wait for an adjuster to visit your home to start the official repair process. In the meantime, your insurance will likely counsel you to make temporary repairs, such as putting up tarps or boards to block the worst of the leaks.

When the adjuster visits, he or she will study the damage to determine what caused it, what repairs the insurance will cover and how much money will be disbursed for the repairs.



Roofing companies facing labor and material shortages

Once your claim is approved, the next challenge is finding a roofing company with sufficient labor and materials to take on your roof repair.

After a roof repair or replacement is approved by the insurance company, it can take four to five months for a roof to be completed. 

For many roofing companies, it can take 16 weeks for materials to be delivered because of backups and shortages. It may take a long time to get a crew scheduled since it can be difficult to maintain a labor force. This means more time homeowners must deal with a damaged roof or live in temporary accommodations.

Not all roofing companies face these challenges, however. 

Ney Dias, president of EZ General & Roofing Contractors, explains, “One of our specialists will personally visit your home within 24 hours of a call to look at your roof. We can complete a roof in 6-8 weeks, including inspection, because of our favored access to our tile provider and a dedicated crew of laborers. We will also offer a 30-year warranty on its roofs.

Some roofing companies are easier to work with than others

When choosing the company you'd like to repair or replace your roof, it's important to find contractors you can trust. Asking neighbors for referrals is a good start when looking for reputable companies.

You can also look companies up on the Better Business Bureau website to check for complaints and determine whether the business is accredited and what "grade" the BBB believes the company deserves. To receive an A-plus grade, for instance, a company must have few or no complaints, and existing complaints must have been addressed; it must be operating in full compliance with the law; it must have transparent business practices, and it must be fully licensed to complete the work it advertises.

E-Z General works directly with your insurance company and makes sure they don’t take any shortcuts on the complete repair of your roof.

Get started on your roof repair or replacement project and finally put the headache of dealing with hurricane or storm aftermath behind you. E-Z General & Roofing Contractors makes it easy to work with them and get a roof repair done professionally and on time.

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