Deborah Souverain

Deborah Souverain

Hello Southwest Florida!!

I joined the Fox 4 family in February 2016 after a stint in Iowa, and I extremely excited to be back in my home state. I was born and raised in the Sunshine state,so you can imagine how bewildered I was the first time I had to shovel snow or “warm up” my car engine! 

While learning the ins and outs of winter survival, I worked as a Multimedia Journalist and Weekend Anchor at KCAU-TV in Sioux City, Iowa (Go Hawkeyes!). From corn to the 'first in the nation' caucuses; politics and farming were my areas of expertise.  I’ve also worked in Miami as a writer and Associate Producer. Itwas during my time working behind the scenes in Miami that I fell in love with the busy newsroom environment and knew that I wanted to break stories of my own.

I am truly lucky to be doing what I love in an area as beautiful as SWFL; especially when I can easily find a Haitian restaurant! FYI, I love eating. So if you have any good recipes send them my way! Great story ideas would also be appreciated. You can reach me at  

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