Special homecoming night for Cypress Lake High students

CREATED Oct 25, 2013

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FORT MYERS, Fla. - It was an amazing Friday night at one Southwest Florida School.

The Cypress  Lake  High School student body rallied around two special needs students and made them royalty. The two were elected homecoming King and Queen.
Mimi Lopez and Guy Benza are quite the social butterflies
They balance school, extra curriculars and of course a social life .
 "There is not a person they haven't met that they don't love everyone becomes their best friend." Teacher Todd Dusenberry said.
These two sure have a lot on their plates, but Guy and Mimi don't let their challenges slow them down. Both have Down syndrome .
"She is just so special to us she's our little special miracle to my mom." Mimi's sister Melanie Ortiz said.
While they both have obstacles to overcome, they have plenty of friends to help them along the way. Mimi and Guy are so popular at Cypress Lake High School, classmates wanted to make sure their senior year was something to remember.
"A couple of seniors said wouldn't it be neat to try and get Mimi and Guy on the homecoming court ?" Dusenberry said.
They started a Facebook page rallying support and the rest is history.
"Right now I'm really happy so happy." Guy Benza said.

And after the shock settled, it was time to focus on the important stuff.
Dressed like royalty from head to toe,the two pals will now forever be connected as King and Queen. Crowds cheered as Mimi and Guy were crowned.

" As a teacher you hope you can touch a couple of lives and make a difference and with this I think we've touched thousands." Dusenberry said.

Mimi and guy's teacher said this is the 2nd time in US history that two special needs students at one high school  have been elected both homecoming King and Queen in the same year.