Bedbug problem at homeless shelter is solved

CREATED Jun 23, 2011

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NAPLES, FL - These bugs aren't always easy to spot, but you know they're there because they're a major nuisance!

A homeless shelter in Naples has been fighting to get rid of bedbugs, but we are telling you something good tonight. Today might be the day the St. Matthew's House is free of those bugs.

On Wednesday, the St. Matthew's House spent the day cleaning house. They got rid of all their bunk beds and threw out all the mattresses.

On Thursday, the shelter got some much needed help from pest control.

Truly Nolen spent Thursday morning at the Naples shelter. They donated their time and services.

The company sprayed and put a powder in the wall to get rid of the bugs.

So why are the bugs so hard to kill? Well, bedbugs like to live in cracks and crevices in the walls.

The company says they will do a follow-up visit in about 7-10 days. They will be back for additional treatments if needed.

Julie Salomone

Fox 4