Red Sox Honor Injured Veterans

CREATED Jul 7, 2011

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The Red Sox showing their true colors and honoring some injured veterans in today's pre-game festivities.

Privates First Class Michael Araujo and Corey Kent - both from Cape Coral - got the royal treatment.

A packed house watched on as both men - injured by improved explosive devices - were honored by the ball club.

The sox also giving then personalized team jerseys signed by all the players.

And PFC Araujo was surprised when, at the last minute, he was handed the ball by mascot The Green Monster so he could throw out the first pitch - a treat for a life-long yet humble baseball fan.

"A lot of the guys come home and feel like they don't deserves this. I'm one of them," he tells 4 In Your Corner.

Captain John Bunch of Operation Open Arms put the event together.

He'll personally deliver Corey Kent's signed Red Sox jersey to him up at Walter Reed Hospital in Washington over the weekend.

Unfortunately, the Sox lost to the Braves 6 to 1.